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Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC) Client

XML-RPC is a Remote Procedure Calling protocol that works over the Internet. An XML-RPC message is an HTTP-POST request. The body of the request is in XML. A procedure executes on the server and the value it returns is also formatted in XML. Procedure parameters can be scalars, numbers, strings, dates, etc. and can also be complex record and list structures.

The Argotic framework supports the XML-RPC communication protocol through the XmlRpcClient class, which allows applications to send remote procedure calls by using the Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC) protocol. The network client supports both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

using Argotic.Net;

// Initialize the XML-RPC client
XmlRpcClient client = new XmlRpcClient();
client.Host         = new Uri("");

// Construct a Pingback peer-to-peer notification XML-RPC message
XmlRpcMessage message   = new XmlRpcMessage("");
message.Encoding        = Encoding.UTF8;
message.Parameters.Add(new XmlRpcScalarValue(""));    // sourceURI
message.Parameters.Add(new XmlRpcScalarValue(""));       // targetURI

// Send a synchronous pingback ping
XmlRpcResponse response = client.Send(message);

// Verify response to the trackback ping
if (response != null)
    if (response.Fault != null)
        XmlRpcStructureMember faultCode     = response.Fault["faultCode"];
        XmlRpcStructureMember faultMessage  = response.Fault["faultString"];

        if (faultCode != null && faultMessage != null)
            // Handle the pingback ping error condition that occurred
        XmlRpcScalarValue successInformation    = response.Parameter as XmlRpcScalarValue;
        if (successInformation != null)
            // Pingback request was successful, return should be a string containing information the server deems useful.

The example above is a describes how to use the XmlRpcClient to send a Pingback peer-to-peer notification ping.

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jkergosi May 29, 2009 at 4:37 PM 
What is this line for?
client.Host = new Uri("");

Are there programming considerations beyond pointing to the correct source and target post URIs to consider?