Recommendations for unit test support

Topics: Argotic.Common, Request For Comments (RFC)
Apr 7, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Hi all,

I'm going ahead with the back-port to .Net 1.1, though I acknowledge that this doesn't match the current development strategy of focussing on .Net 3.5.

I was hoping to use the existing Unit Tests to prove the 1.1 version, after seeing the 'Unit Test' directories.  But, I hadn't noticed that these directories were empty.

So, I'm going to step in & help out, where I can.  I'm considering doing the following:

1. get a coder to write a unit test suite to cover the Atom portion of Argotic .Net 2.0

2. get a coder the report (but not fix) any instances where the unit tests indicate an Argotic fault/bug

3. get the coder to develop the .Net 1.1 port, checking against a copy of the .Net 2.0 unit tests.

Budget permitting, I can then get the coder to work on a number of the bugs identified at 2), then go through the write/test/debug cycle for the .Net 3.5 version.

How does all this sound?

I'd love someone with more .Net/Argotic experience than I to fire in with criticism/support/advice.