Project contributors needed!

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Jul 1, 2008 at 8:34 PM

It has been a long road since I began Argotic, it has been a joy to see that it is so useful to the community. Unfortunately as the framework continues to evolve and grow, I am finding it difficult to maintain the project as the sole contributing developer. I have been very fortunate that many of the developers that utilize the framework are able to not only report issues and make feature requests, but also provide detailed information on fixes and patches. So to all that have contributed, I thank you for taking the time to improve the framework.

The project is in need of individuals willing to take on one or more of the following roles:


  • Co-Coordinator: As the project coordinator, I am responsible for the future direction and features provided by the framework as well as the overall quality. The project team is looking for a developer who is familiar with web content syndication technology and is passionate about making Argotic the obvious choice for .NET developers who want to implement web content syndication in their applications.
  • Unit Testing: As the Argotic project continues to expand its capabilities, it has become more important than ever to provide proper code coverage through unit and regression testing. The project team is looking for developers who are familiar with Visual Studio Team Test (TT) that wish to contribute to the project by designing and maintaining a suite of unit tests that provide adequate code coverage over the framework.
  • Regression Testing: Even in a well designed framework, there are complex relationships and dependencies that make regression testing vital to prevent modifications from breaking the integrity of the framework. The project team is looking for developers who will perform regression testing on the framework prior to each public release.
  • Documentation/Samples Writers: The rich feature set the framework provides is sometime daunting to new users. The project team is looking for developers or technical writers who can improve documentation and samples provided with the framework and on the online Wiki.

If you are interested in helping contribute, please reply to this post or contact the project coordinator.